Selected Works


As We Are - Columbus, OH

Envisioned by artist Matthew Mohr and Fabricated by DCL, As We Are is a 14ft sculpture of a tiered head incorporating LED screen on its exterior and a 3D scanning photo booth inside. Participants enter the photobooth where they are guided through a UI that guides them through getting a proper scan of their head. Once completed, the scan is composited together and then displays on the full sculpture.

My participation through DCL was throughout, from project management and vendor handling, assembly and troubleshooting of systems, to on-site installation and commissioning. There is even a space in the sculpture called the Mac-way due to how much time I spent in it.

The LovePop Magic Moments Counter - Boston, MA

Pursuant with LovePop’s goal of facilitating 1 billion magical moments (the delight of receiving one of their cards), I was commissioned to make a display that would show the tally in real time. The counter polls the web at the top of every hour and pulls down the latest sales number from LovePop’s Host API and then converts it into a format that can be displayed across the custom segment characters.

This piece was entirely engineered, built, and commissioned by me. The digit fixtures are a concept I’d been developing for a while, and the piece is entirely controlled by a low-power ESP32 mictrocontroller. The firmware for the ESP32 pushes smooth animations to the 1120 LEDs and also handles the parsing of the current tally to display from the API.

Kaedama - Newark, NJ

Acting as the centerpiece of the freshly remodeled Newark Airport’s Terminal C, Kaedama acts as the focus for the dining hall at the center of the terminal. Designed by Rockwell Group and built by DCL for OTG, Kaedama is an operating noodle bar that incorporates a 27’ cylindrical LED mesh above the prep area. Video content is mapped onto the ~ 17,000 LED pucks mounted to an curved mesh of aircraft cable. High output wall washers illuminate the internal structure in time with the content.

Through DCL my role in this project was primarily on the LED systems commissioning, although I was also involved in the project management. For this project I became versed in a number of lighting control techniques, such as the Disguise (formerly D3) show control system and the architectures of building large lighting control systems using ArtNet.

Including the Kitchen Sink! - Raced in Cambridge, MA

Built for speed, Including the Kitchen Sink! is a Kinetic Racing Sculpture designed around a series of gears and cams. When pushed forward a copper kettle on the counter top moves back and forth, seemingly at random. However, the position is instead showing a binary sequence – With a left facing a 0 and a right facing a 1 – that over a distance of 3/4 mile displays the ASCII encoding of the message “HELLO WORLD!” A binary message, sent over copper, all via mechanical means.

Despite being built for speed, it took quite a bit of time to design and produce. I modeled the entire thing in Fusion 360 prior to production, which allowed for easy production of all the parts involved, checking against the model. A quick point of pride - It’s also won both the 2018 and 2019 Cambridge races in the speed category.

Back to the Drawing Board - Boston, MA

Built for Illuminus 2018, Back to the Drawing Board is an interactive kinetic sculpture that translates the nature of public discourse into an object. The piece invites the public to write or draw on a transparent medium that works its way through a series of rollers to a stack of lenses and then is enlarged akin to to the workings of an overhead projector. By the end of the 2 Day festival, over 100 linear ft. of transparency was completely covered with drawings.

This piece was an effort of 2 other artists and myself, and was quite a whirlwind to put together. Building a machine to accurately track a 50ft of transparency through rollers while children are futzing with it is no easy feat. All told, over a thousand people contributed to the piece to truly make it shine.

And many more I’d love to show, but not for NDA’s still in effect.