Including the Kitchen Sink (2018)

Including the Kitchen Sink (Back)
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So much of today’s communication and interaction takes place digitally, from inane comments to deeply moving messages. Even a kitchen sink can be sent digitally. Including the Kitchen Sink! takes the idea of a transmitting digital message and transposes it in an unlikely setting – a familiar kitchen countertop. By using such a familiar setting and small action, most of the meaning is lost to absurdist action. However the digital message of the action is transmitted via copper nonetheless, even if it is never read or decoded.

Including the Kitchen Sink! Is a kinetic racing sculpture that takes the form of a kitchen countertop with wheels. When pushed forward a copper kettle on the countertop moves back and forth, seemingly at random. However, the position is instead showing a binary sequence – With a left facing a 0 and a right facing a 1 – that over a period of time displays the ASCII encoding of the message “HELLO WORLD!”

Including the Kitchen Sink! was part of the June 2nd, 2018 Peoples Sculpture Race. It faced up against 12 other contestants, and received the award for Best Race Time, completing the ¾ mile race in 8 minutes and 5 seconds.

Cabinet with Sink, Fabricated Mechanical Components, Welded Aluminum Frame, Copper Tea Pot

 Pertinent blog post with more details of the mechanism can be found [here].