The Opt-Out Cap

With the rapid implementation of advanced facial recognition for both commercial and governmental purposes, individuals are unwittingly incorporated into a state of total surveillance by simply showing their face in public. Your face is your identity and is the thing about your body that most identifies who you are to those around you. The individual needs a way to disengage with those systems at will.

The Opt-Out Cap serves this purpose using common materials that are easily assembled, with all the materials costing less than $30 total. The cap also conceals it purpose by hiding the panels inside the cup of the cap when not in use. When deployed, the printed panels block the users face and replace it with an alternate. This misdirects tracking and while not flagging the user as displaying an obscured face.

A detailed assembly guide can be found here - Blog.

An assembly guide sans photos can be downloaded here - Link (PDF, 679 KB), or as a set of images here - Link (ZIP, 2.1 MB).

A high pack of high resolution templates for the printed graphics can be found here - Link (ZIP, 13.8 MB)

More writing on this project can be found here - All Blog Posts.

High resolution images and more media can be found here - High Res Gallery.

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